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Trans, Visible & Proud

Hi Sam! Thank you for sitting down with us today! Let's start with introducing yourself. Would you mind sharing how you identify (if comfortable) and your preferred pronouns?

I identify as a problem... haha. No, I am non-binary/trans masc and my pronouns are they/them or they/he.

How long have you been playing with Stonewall FC and what drew you here?

I've been playing since April/May of 2021 roughly and what drew me at first was the Unity kit. I'd never seen trans colours on a football kit before, so I googled it and came across the club's post about Betty being appointed Manager of the W&NB team. I reached out and have been playing ever since.

"Having trans representation shows people of any age that you don't need to give up on something you love and enjoy, purely due to your identity."

As a club, we put a lot of work in to ensure we create safe spaces and environments where we can trust one another and feel free to identify as we are. In your experience, has being transmasc ever had an impact on your desire to play football?

Being trans has definitely had an impact on my desire to play. I came out as trans at 21 and since then, it has impacted my involvement with all competitive sports as they are all gendered. After moving to the UK, I found it was much the same.

Pre-transitioning I played with womens team's even though I was non-binary and it didn't feel right. This is why I was so excited to find Stonewall FC and be able to play a sport I loved and grew up with, whilst being able to be myself for the first time without feeling guilty.

I'm so glad things got better. What would you say is the importance of trans representation and trans-positive spaces in sports such as football?

I believe trans representation and trans positive spaces are super important. Most sports are gendered growing up and it can be so hard to feel like you belong with those boundaries.

Having trans representation shows people of any age that you don't need to give up on something you love and enjoy, purely due to your identity. There is a space for you and there are people out their that will love and support you.

Having spaces like our team, creates those safe environments that people can go to and be themselves, whilst still being part of a competitive and fun atmosphere.

Awesome, thank you! And lastly, what message would you like to put out there for Trans Visibility Awareness today?

Trans people are here, we've always been here and we always will be. We will continue to support one another. We're here to play.

Thanks to both Sam & Zeenat for taking the time to share their thoughts and experiences.

If you or anyone you know might like to get involved with the club, get in touch here:

For a limited time, you can also grab your very own Unity shirt here.



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